CA Foundation Accounts Paper Pattern: 

Exclusive analysis

CA Foundation Accounts Paper Pattern: Exclusive analysis

50 to 78 marks CA foundation accounts paper comes from these topics

Most expected average: 67 Marks

1. Theory (20-25 marks) 

2. Journal entries including subsidiary books and rectification of journal entries (4-8 marks) 

3. Bank reconciliation statement question with 5-7 adjustments (4-10 marks) 

4. Average due date or account current: (5-10 marks) 

5. Consignment (5-10 marks) 

6. Issue of shares including pro-rata allotment, forfeiture and reissue of shares (12-15 Marks)

How to prepare:

1. Theory: Refer to our Perfect Revision book. 

2. To get 100% marks in the rest of the chapters don’t leave even a single question of our Assignment and Trickery assignment.