CA Foundation Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

FAQ's Related to CA Foundation

1. What to study in the last 45-60 days for CA Foundation Exams?

Target: 1 

Account: All ICAI study material questions, Past five attempts RTPs and daily two readings of Perfect revision notes. Law and BCR: Daily 30 minutes reading of sales of goods act 1930, Partnership act 1932 and LLP act 2008 from ICAI book, and complete reading from Perfect revision notes. In BCR, refer to all past attempts RTPs. Math, Stats and LR: Refer to Math and statistics revision courses given in the CA foundation course and all practice exercise questions of Logical reasoning. Revise perfect revision notes twice a day. Economics and BCK: Revise Perfect revision notes twice a day and refer to Eco BCK revision courses given in the CA foundation course. 

Target: 2 

 Solve all entire course Mock test papers provided in the course package.

2. What are the most important chapters of the CA Foundation?

Accounts: NPO + Final accounts + Company accounts + Partnership has total weightage of 55-60 marks. 

Law: Sales of goods act 1930, Partnership act and LLP act has a total weightage of 27-33. 

BCR: Past five attempt RTPs. 

Maths: Time value of money + Ratio, proportion, Indices and Log = 18-20 marks Statistics: Measures of central tendency and dispersion + Statistical description of Data = 17-20 marks 

LR: All chapters are equally important 

Economics: Theory of demand and supply and production theory and cost have a total weightage of 30 marks. 

BCK: All chapters are equally important

How to answer case studies in CA Foundation Law?

In the first paragraph, write the provisions of the Act; in the second paragraph, write the facts from case studies; and in the third paragraph, write the conclusion.

3. Is it necessary to write a section in Law?

No. However, it would help if you mentioned the name of the Act.

4. How to remember the provisions in Law?

Read Perfect revision notes daily for approx. 30 minutes a day. You will observe within 20-25 days, all provisions will get remembered.

5. How to prepare theory in Statistics

Read Perfect revision notes daily and solve Set A questions of Statistics.

6. Is it necessary to solve the additional question bank in Math and Statistics?

If the target is to score 80-100 marks, one must solve math's additional question bank. However, in Statistics, it is not required at all.

7. What is the working notes weightage in accounts?

It varies between 20% to 40%. Wherever required, you must prepare working notes to get full marks.

8. How to prepare theory in accounts?

Refer Perfect Revision Notes Book

9. Is ICAI study material sufficient in the CA foundation?


10. Can I get the rank from the ICAI study material?

Yes. However, it would help if you attempted test series regularly to understand the perfect pattern of exams