Business Studies Frequently asked Questions



1. How to learn class 12 business studies?

There is nothing to learn in business studies. After understanding the concepts, you can explain them in your words. However, the main points should be the same as in class 12 NCERT of business studies.

2. How to answer case studies in business studies?

If your concepts are clear, hardly you will face any difficulty in answering the case studies. While answering the case studies, You must adhere to the following points in answering the case studies: 

1. You must read the case study carefully without making any opinion in mind. 

2. After reading the case study, read the questions that have been asked. 

3. While answering the case study, you must write the reason for your answer. For this, pick the main keywords or any keyline based on which you are withdrawing your conclusion. 

These simple steps will help get good marks in case studies based questions in class 12 business studies.

3. Which book is best for business studies?

NCERt is excellent, but due to the lack of examples in books, students feel disconnected while studies. For this purpose, you can refer to Chandan Poddar class 12 business studies book. This book includes all examples on the main points of NCERT, which makes the subject highly interesting for students.

4. How much time is needed to complete the class 12 business studies course?

Practically it depends on your interest and understanding capacity. However, an average student completes the entire syllabus of class 12 business studies within three months, with average studies of two hours in a day.

5. How to practice case studies in class 12 business studies?

Past ten years, examination papers are sufficient to get an idea about the type of case studies we get in the examination.

6. How to score good marks (95+ or 100) in business studies?

1. Practice all topics in writing. 

 2. Refer to the past ten years of examination papers

 3. Complete at least ten revisions of the entire course. 

 4. Solve ten mock test papers released by Grooming education academy on before the exams.

7. What are the important topics of class 12 business studies?

Chandan Poddar (Author), from his experience of 10 years, has identified these ten topics, which cover up approximately 50 to 60 percent of the paper in class 12 business studies exam. For reference, you can check any past examination paper. The topics are: 

 1. Process of Planning, Organising, Staffing, Selection and controlling. Out of these five processes, minimum3 processes are always asked in exams 

 2. Factors affecting working capital and fixed capital of business 

 3. Promotion mix 

 4. Types of plan 

 5. Nature of management as Science, Profession or Art 

 6. Dimensions of the business environment 

 7. Decentralisation and delegation of authority 

 8. Importance of training, education and development 

 9. Financial and non-financial incentives 

 10. Functions of SEBI

8. Is it necessary to make diagrams to score good marks in class 12 business studies?

No, there is no requirement to make funny diagrams. However, underlining the keywords is essential to score 90 per cent or above marks.

9. Which is the best sample paper for class 12 business studies?

Best sample paper means which is based on the latest CBSE sample papers. Grooming education academy releases the class 12 business studies sample papers strictly based on the CBSE pattern. These sample papers are available free on Grooming Education Academy These sample papers are issued 45-60 days after the release of sample papers by CBSE.


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