Most important topics for class 12 business studies

Most important topics for Class 12 Business Studies

Chandan Poddar (Author), from his experience of 10 years, has identified these ten topics, which cover up approximately 50 to 60 Percent of the paper in the class 12 business studies exam. For reference, you can check any past examination paper. The topics are:

1. Process of Planning, Organising, Staffing, Selection and controlling. Out of these five processes, minimum3 processes are always asked in exams 

2. Factors affecting working capital and fixed capital of business 

3. Promotion mix 

4. Types of plan 

5. Nature of management as Science, Profession or Art 

6. Dimensions of the business environment 

7. Decentralisation and delegation of authority 

8. Importance of training, education and development 9. Financial and non-financial incentives 10. Functions of SEBI

Students are strictly advised to practice these topics in writing and solve sufficient case studies provided in the course package.