What to do after 

CA foundation exams till result

‘The key is in not spending time but in investing it’ - Stephen R Covey.

You are through with your exams and now confused about what to do and how to spend time till your results are out. Well!! We would say stop thinking about how to SPEND time, change your approach and start thinking about how you are going to INVEST YOUR PRECIOUS TIME!!!

Yes, we know that you are exhausted after so much of the mental and physical labour you have put in for your exams. So you all deserve to give yourself a LITTLE break. Sit back, relax, meditate, go for a walk, sleep, rest, and take care of your mental and physical being.

Now!! We all know time is precious, and so must INVEST in it judiciously. It would be best if you used this free time productively.

Not Clear Exam This Time

The ones who are not sure about clearing the exams……ANALYSE yourselves. How did you attempt the exam? Where did you go wrong!?? What were the weak areas? Don’t give up, keep your attitude positive, don’t dwell over the past now and start preparing and working on your weak areas. Make a list of topics/subjects that you need to focus more on. Take GUIDANCE from your mentors & teachers. And start afresh. Tell yourselves…WE WILL MAKE IT THIS TIME!!

Definitely Clear in this Attempt

The ones who are confident of clearing….Well!! Enough celebrations!! Now it’s time for you to think ahead, plan your next step and start preparing for the second level of CA, which is CA intermediate. You must make up your mind before the Foundation results that whether you want to appear in single group or both groups. Don’t jump on any decision without logically thinking about it. Think about your capabilities, strengths & weaknesses and then make up a rational decision. And then, start your preparations accordingly. This will save your time after the results in deciding whether you want to appear for single or both groups.

Then make a study plan, stick to it and be disciplined. Don’t forget to give your health a priority and keep your attitude positive and focus on your end goal. The sooner you start...., the better it is so that you not only complete the syllabus in time but get enough time for multiple revisions too. Remember… REVISION IS THE KEY!! The more you revise, the more you will be able to retain the concepts.

And this is for everyone: Till the time results are not out, you all must invest some time in DEVELOPING AND ENHANCING YOUR SKILLS. Improve your Communication skills. It’s the need of the hour. You will need to interact with many people during your articleship. Learn Excel and PowerPoint. Explore youtube videos for that. Inculcate the habit of reading. Read newspapers and business magazines and keep yourselves updated with the current happenings around the world.


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