Whether I will be able to clear CA foundation?

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Whether I will be able to clear ca foundation?

Most of you when decided to give entrance exam for CA, definitely faced certain negativity like

  1. only a few students can clear the exam,
  2. You are an average or below-average student,
  3. You may not be able to clear the ca exam,
  4. It takes too many years to clear ca,
  5. Generally, students are not able to clear the final exams or
  6. any other comments like these.

Still, you decided to go for this course or something inside you is regularly pushing you to go for CA.

What exactly it is?

It is simply your own Choice. Your commitment to yourself that you are ready for putting every effort into your choice.

It's great !!

What should I do to complete my commitment given to myself?

It’s the real question.

The question is not that whether I will be able to clear CA foundation. The question is, “ what I need to do now?

Firstly before starting the course put this thing out of your mind that:

“I scored this much of percentage in class 12, or I am below average, average or good student.”

In my teaching career, I have observed many times that students who scored 95 percent are not able to clear CA entrance, but students scored 60 percent in class 12th were able to clear CA entrance exam.

Secondly, you need to give me the following commitments

  1. I will study at least eight hours a day in which four hours should be from 4 am to 8 am. (Sir Why 4 am to 8 am: This is the most auspicious timing for students to study. In this time your output remains twice as compared to the rest of the day.)
  2. I will respect my health : If your health is not good, your interest in studies will automatically go down.
  3. I will Prey at least ten minutes before starting my studies of the day and ten minutes after completing the studies of the day. (This will help you to recall your commitment to yourself)
  4. I will respect the parents in all manner and will never shout on them. You should start touching their feet in the morning; This ensures stability in your confidence. You will never feel under-estimated while studies.
  5. I will practice in writing: whatever I will learn, I will practice the same in writing. This exercise helps in gaining confidence in subjects.

If you are ready to follow all the above instructions from today for the rest of the period, NO ONE CAN STOP YOU IN CLEARING CA.

“ Jai Shree Shyam, Om Sai Ram “