Whether I will be able to clear CA Inter?

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How to ensure success in CA-Inter?

Once you clear the foundation, the excitement of passing it comes up with the fear, whether I will be able to clear CA inter both groups in the first attempt. The answer to this question is found in various ways by the students like Go for one group only, drop the attempt and prepare for the next attempt, etc..

Let me share my story with you, and maybe you can find the right answer. When I was in CA IPCC, I used to give tuition classes to students from 2 Pm to 11 PM. This was my seven days schedule till 20-March-2010, and my attempt was due on May 2010. After giving the last class on 20-March-2019 tension started in my mind that I have only 40 days in my hand, and I have to appear for both groups. Friendly speaking, up to the date my IT(Now EIS), SM and Audit were completely untouched and the rest of the subjects were also 50 per cent prepared. But from 21- March-2010, I give a promise to myself that for the next 40 days I will give my best.  I used to study up to twenty hours in a day for those forty days, and I cannot forget that I study the Audit on 12 to 14 April 2010 and SM on 7th and 8th April only. Those 40 days of my life were like the challenge for developing the best out of myself. I was not afraid of the result, but I was scared of one thing that I should complete my commitment given by me to myself.

I appeared for the exams. After the last exam, when I came out of my classroom. One of my friends asked: Bro, whether you will be able to clear both groups. I said, “I don’t know, but I have given my best” (with full confidence), and from very next day again, I started teaching the students.

After two and half months when result date was coming closure, gossips started between friends that what will be the result and so on, I used to say only one thing to my friends: “I am not worried, whatever will be the result, I am ready to accept it because I have given my best”.

I cannot forget my result day, and I was taking the classes. My students were more worried than me. The result was getting delayed; it was expected to come at 10 Am but came at 10:30 PM and the result was PASS.

The only that I learn on that day that what we need is commitment. The day you will commit yourself that you are ready to give your best to a particular target, you will achieve it irrespective of the number of days left, and situations faced.

So, now it's up to you !!

Are you ready to the commitment to yourself? If yes, take an oath “ Yes, I will give the best from today, irrespective of thinking anything else”. The result will be a hundred per cent positive.

Read this article every day in the morning for the next fifteen days. If you can understand it, you will clear both groups in days left.