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Economics & BCK Combo Pack: CA Foundation cover

Economics & BCK Combo Pack: CA Foundation

9 Reasons to buy Eco & BCK Pack

1. Video lectures of full syllabus

2. Test series with checking facility

3. Daily doubt classes at 9 AM

4. Live Batch (Every Month)
5. Task-Meter for study timetable

6. Test-Meter for performance analysis

7. Free Hardcopy of perfect practice book

8. Free Hardcopy of perfect analyser book(Test Kit)

9. Personal counselling sessions  




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Language: Hinglish

Valid Till: 2024-01-06

₹3600 57% OFF


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Technical and additional features.

How to buy the Course, access it and ask doubts?

CA Foundation Economics & BCK Combo Pack: Team Grooming Education Academy has exclusively designed this course for preparing CA Foundation Economics & BCK course effortlessly. What you need to do is watch lectures, make notes from lectures and solve ICAI module. 

Exclusive features of course are :

a) All concept video lectures of full syllabus as per ICAI Modules

b) Chapter-wise and full course mock test papers with checking facility.

c) Daily doubt classes at 9 AM for all subjects.

d) Regular live classes for revision (Schedule available inside the course).

e) Comprehensive coverage of ICAI modules with video solutions of every question.

f) Task-Meter pdf for study timetable.

g) Test-Meter pdf for personal performance analysis

h) Free hard copy of Eco and Bck Perfect Practice & Perfect Analyser book.

i) Personal Counselling sessions

j) Focus on developing techniques to solve the questions with minimum effort

k) "Counselling over the phone" with a subject expert in case of complicated doubts and general doubts by prior appointment. You can text our helpline WhatsApp number 8888880402, they will take your some details and fix the telephonic appointment with an expert to clear your doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Signup and How to buy the course?

  1. Kindly visit our website and Signup your ID there.
  2. Signup option is available in the Login Tab.
  3. After Signup selects the course, you want to purchase.
  4. Press Add to Cart, and then click on Checkout, Next, Next, Proceed to payment,
  5. Make a payment from available options ( UPI, Debit Card, Credit card, Net banking, Google Pay etc.).
  6. After your successful payment, the course will be added in your "My Courses."

How to access the course after buying it?

  1. There are two methods to access our course:-

     (a)  Open our website, Through any Internet Browser (Like Google Chrome etc.) on any   Desktop, Laptop, Tab or on Mobile Phone Browser.

     (b) Through Our Mobile App "Escholars" (Available in Google Play Store) On the Mobile Phone or Tab.

     2. After log in to the website, go to My Course & Click on Start Course.

How to start studies after buying the course/ Time table for studies?

Follow the sequence in which videos lectures have been provided.

How the latest changes in courses are provided?

We keep a strict eye on the changes. All the lectures are timely updated as per the latest changes in the exam pattern. You will get the notification of incorporation of all the latest changes in your Course.

What if I am not satisfied with video content?

  1. Kindly note that the complete study material (The video lectures and PDF files) have been cross-checked at three different levels by the subject experts.
  2. We are Improving our teaching qualities consistently and trying to provide the best study material.
  3. If still, you are unable to understand the content, then you can send your complaints/suggestions regarding that particular video or PDF files with the full details (Course Name / Subject Name / Video Name) on

Do I need to refer any other material after going through the Content provided in videos and PDFs?

Kindly note that We strictly follow the ICAI modules and 100% Syllabus is covered in our Course, So there is no need to go through any other content.

Live Classes Related

How to attend live sessions?

1. After login, Go to My Courses and Click on Start Course.

2. Click on the Live Course., then go to the Particular date to start the session.

Procedure to ask doubts in live classes?

There is a Chat Box available in the Live Class Session to post your queries.

Are recordings of live classes provided / How long can I watch recordings of live classes?

There is no recording available of live classes, You have to watch all the live classes at the same time.

How to get the Schedule of live classes?

1. The Schedule of the Live Classes is available in your Live Class Course.

2. So you can note down the Schedule from there.

Doubts Related

How to ask doubts?

You can ask your academic queries through our Discussion Section. It is available under every Video Lecture of your Course.

How long will I get the answer to my doubts/Queries?

We try our best to answer your queries within 12 working hours of posting the doubts.

What if my doubts were not cleared in discussion form?

In any case, if your queries are not resolved within 12 working hours, then it is suggested that take a pic of your query and send it through email on

After receiving your mail, we will call you back, and the subject expert will resolve your question on the same working day.

What if I am unable to understand the solution provided by the Subject Expert?

1.    It is suggested that ask your doubt again in the discussion Section and mention there to resolve the problem using a different method or

2.    You can send your complaints/suggestions regarding that Particular Video or PDF Files with the full Details (Course Name / Subject Name / Video Name) on


Test Related 

How to get the Date sheet of test series?

  1. The Date Sheet of the Test Series is available in the Guideline Course of your Package.
  2. For Individual subjects, the upcoming test papers can be seen in the Course itself.
  3. However, we always send notification and Update the students through Our Telegram Channel "Grooming Education Academy".

Where the Test Paper Appears and How to appear for the test series?

The Test Paper will appear under the Last Topic of the Respective Subject of your Course 

Live Test

1. For the Live Test, you have to be ready and advised to remember the following things:-

  • Your Device (Mobile Phone / Laptop or Tab should be charged appropriately)
  • It is recommended that if possible then always use Broadband Internet Connection or If you are using Mobile Data then be at a place where the Signal Strength is 100%
  • Be Ready at the Scheduled Time and Start the Test
  • Click on the correct options (It will be an Objective Test)
  • You will get the opportunities to Review the questions so in the beginning answer all the other questions which you know better and then, in the end, answer the remaining reviewed questions.
  • After finishing the whole Test Paper it will ask for Submit, First, review all your Answers and then press  Submit button

2. Please note that you have to submit the Test, within the scheduled time

In how much time test results will be provided?

The Result of the Live Test declared within 12 Working hours after the Test.

Downloads Related

Can we download the Course Data (PDF Files and Video Lectures) on Our External Memory Card / Pen Drive / Laptop?

1.    You can download the Course Data (PDF Files and Video Lectures) through Escholars App, and it will reside in your phone's internal memory only.

2.    It can not be saved in your mobile phones external memory card or anywhere else,

Can I download the E-books or PDFs of assignments and test papers?

Yes, you can download all the PDF Files (E-books, Test papers except MCQ based test papers, suggested answers) in your Mobile Phone using our App "Escholars" and as well as through our website 

Is there any restriction of the number of downloads of PDFs?

Through App, you can download the PDF Files for once, but through our website,  you can get it unlimited times.

Is there any restriction on the number of downloads of videos?

  1. Yes, you can download the videos through our App only for once.
  2. Video download facility is not available on the website.

How much memory space I need to download the videos?

Approx 2.0 GB of Space is Required to download Complete data.


Technical help Related

What if I want to change my Mobile device?

Kindly note that we have given a facility to download through our App on your FIRST MOBILE PHONE and for ONE time only

What if I exceed the number of Mobile devices?

1.    Once you download the Data on your first registered Mobile, then the server does not allow you to download the same subjects Data (Video Lectures and PDF Files) on any another mobile phone.       

2.    In any case, if your mobile phone is lost or damaged, then the Support team will ask you for some documentation via Email, after verification, they may permit you to use other Mobile Device. However, if it is found that you have shared your ID with your friends, your ID will be permanently blocked.

How to change my email ID for all latest updates?

  1. According to company policy, you cannot change your email ID.
  2. In any case, if You have entered a wrong Email ID then you can send a request on  then the support team will enquire you, and after verification, they may Change your email ID.

How to update the phone number for all the latest updates?

You should send a request on  then the Support team will enquire you, and after verification, they may Change your Mobile No.

Can I simultaneously run the course on multiple devices?

No, You cannot run the Course on Different Devices simultaneously

Can I run different courses simultaneously on different devices purchased from single email Id?

No, You cannot run various courses simultaneously on different devices purchased from unique email Id.

Can two persons buy the same course and run the same course with the same id on different Mobiles?

  1. Kindly note that according to the Academy Rules No one can share his Email ID/ Password with anyone
  2. If we found the Misuse or Multiple uses of your Email ID, then  

        "we will Deactivate that Email ID permanently without any Refund".

What if I face any other technical issues in running the course?

For the smooth running of the course on the "Escholars App", It is recommended that you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

First, check your Mobile device for the following things:

  1. The internal memory of your mobile phone should have at least 10 GB of free space.
  2. If you have less free space, then you will face problems like slow browsing, buffering, audio and video not working correctly.
  3. Check your Mobile Phone for unwanted Softwares / unwanted Games & viruses (It is recommended that kindly remove unwanted Softwares & Games from your Mobile Phone)
  4. If you are using What's App in the same Mobile Phone, then it is Strongly Recommended that in the WhatsApp go to settings, after that go to Media Auto-Download Section and Uncheck the Options (Audio & Video). So that the Audios & Videos should not be download automatically in your Mobile Phone, As it chokes the Internet Data automatically. You are not aware of it. Due to this, it affects severely in the smooth running of the course.
  5. While studying the course if you are using Mobile Data then at that time the Signal Strength of the Connection must be 100%, and there should be enough data present in your Internet plan. (It is recommended that if it is possible then use Broadband Internet Connection)
  6. If you are facing any problem in watching the Video lectures via your Mobile App, then we recommend you that, IF it is possible, then please Cross-Check the Same Video & PDF Files on Google Chrome on any Computer or Laptop having good Broadband Internet Connection
  7. If you still face any difficulty in running your course, then kindly contact our Support Team at or 8888880402 (10 AM to 8 PM).

How to extend the course validity?

It is not allowed for this course.

Still any doubt?


We will be happy to answer your queries.

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