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English Revision: Class 12 cover

English Revision: Class 12

Complete Revision of All Poems and Chapters.

Instructor: Grooming Education Academy

Language: Hinglish

Validity Period: Lifetime

Class 12 English most important revision notes with free videos by Grooming Education Academy. These series include a summary of chapters with suggested answers to enable the students to gain confidence in the English. This will also help the students in understanding the chapter keywords and answering long and short questions in the English class 12. 

While preparing questions our team of experts have analysed the NCERT book solutions of English book issued by NCERT for class 12 students and all the content have been developed in line with the NCERT book content. 

For complete chapter preparations of poems and chapters of both Flamingo and Vistas, you can buy our complete course which includes Video lectures, Test Papers, MCQ questions and an exclusive feature of discussions where you can ask your doubts and our subject experts will reply your queries. 
This complete course is available at our website www.escholars.in.

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