Accountancy Book II : Class 12 cover

Accountancy Book II : Class 12

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Class 12 Business studies student-friendly book designed for self -study of students based on practical examples, live case studies, past examination questions, revision notes, value-added questions and project work. This book includes chapters namely Nature and Significance of Management, Principles of Management, Business Environment, Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Controlling, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Marketing and Consumer Protection. This book strictly covers topics given in NCERT book of class 12 Accountancy

This is the best student-friendly book designed for self -study of students to impart practical knowledge and inbuilt strong Accounting skills from the beginning. This book can also be referred by students of Graduation and Post-graduation having Business management to strengthen the basic understanding of concepts of management and marketing. At the end of the book, complete revision notes have been provided to assist the students in revising the complete book in a few hours

Our team has devoted more than three years to complete this book, and it has been made freely available for students so that it can reach the wide number of students and the potential of this book can be utilised to the greatest extent.

The contents of the Book :

Chapter 1: Accounting for Share Capital

Features of a Company ,Kinds of Companies ,Share Capital of a Company,Nature and Classes of Shares,Issue of Shares,Accounting Treatment,Forfeiture of Shares

Chapter 2: Issue and Redemption of Debentures

Meaning of Debentures,Distinction between Shares and Debentures,Types of Debentures,Issue of Debentures,Over Subscription ,Issue of Debentures for Consideration other than Cash,Issue of Debentures as a Collateral Security

Terms of Issue of Debentures,Interest on Debentures,Writing off Discount/Loss on Issue of Debentures,Redemption of Debentures,Redemption by Payment in Lump Sum

 Redemption by Purchase in Open Market,Redemption by Conversion

Chapter 3: Financial Statements of a Company

Meaning of Financial Statements ,Nature of Financial Statements ,Objectives of Financial Statements ,Types of Financial Statements ,Uses and Importance of Financial Statements

 Limitations of Financial Statements

Chapter 4: Analysis of Financial Statements

Meaning of Analysis of Financial Statements ,Significance of Analysis of Financial Statements ,Objectives of Analysis of Financial Statements

Tools of Analysis of Financial Statements,Comparative Statements

Common Size Statement ,Limitations of Financial Analysis

Chapter 5: Accounting Ratios

Meaning of Accounting Ratios,Objectives of Ratio Analysis,Advantages of Ratio Analysis

Limitations of Ratio Analysis ,Types of Ratios ,Liquidity Ratios,Solvency Ratios ,Activity (or Turnover) Ratio,Profitability Ratios

Chapter 6: Cash Flow Statement

Objectives of Cash Flow Statement,Benefits of Cash Flow Statement

Cash and Cash Equivalents ,Cash Flows ,Classification of Activities for the Preparation of

Cash Flow Statement ,Ascertaining Cash Flow from Operating Activities

Ascertainment of Cash Flow from Investing and Financing Activities ,Preparation of Cash Flow Statement


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