Financial Management :, BBA cover

Financial Management :, BBA

Pioneer in developing concepts.

Instructor: Chandan Poddar Sir

Language: Hindi English Mix

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₹600.00 excluding 18% GST / BBA Financial Management of UG level. This course includes almost all the chapters covered by various universities at the UG level. However, students are advised to check the chapters available in this course with concern university syllabus. You can check the lectures available by clicking the 'course contents'. 

All lectures of This course has been recorded by Chandan Poddar Sir.

Chapters Covered for (H), BBA Students :


Capital Budgeting

Risk Analysis in Capital Budgeting

Lease Financing

Ratio Analysis

Working Capital

Cost of Capital



Frequently asked Questions


What you will learn after watching the lectures:

a) Concepts related to the chapter.

b) How to solve the practical questions in the exam.

c) Relevant theory of chapter (if any).

How to Study?

a) After buying the lectures start watching the chapters covered by your university syllabus.

b) While watching lectures make proper notes from videos.

c) Solve questions of book prescribed by your university.

In this course, common questions have been solved to ensure that you are able to understand the concept in a perfect manner. After watching the lectures of any particular chapter you will be easily able to solve the book prescribed by your university. In case of any difficulty, you can ask the doubts in Chat Box provided in the course. Our experts will assist you in solving the questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to access the course after buying it?

After buying the course, log-in again and you will get access in your ID.

How to ask doubts?

Our research aims at developing such content which can be easily understood by student in the first attempt of learning, and no doubt left after watching these videos. Still, we have provided a doubts solving platform that you can access after purchasing the course, and the team of experts will be happy to serve you.

What does this course include?

This course includes E-books and complementary video lectures of the entire session.

Is there any restriction on the number of views?

No, you can watch any lecture number of times (maximum on two devices) until the course validation date. But, there are security measures to prevent the sharing of IDs and avoiding its commercial use. 

Still any doubt?

Call : 88-88-88-04-02

We will be happy to answer your queries.

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